No-Stress Public Relations in 2024!

Public relations success

Gain Authority And Awareness This Year To Help Your Business Success Soar!

What are your 2024 plans for public relations? 

It’s time to start the new year in the right direction… with a competitive edge! And how do you do that? With your secret weapon… public relations…

Answer These 3 Quick Questions To Start Your Successful 2024 Public Relations!

1. What is your unique message?

What is one valuable benefit that you provide no one else does?

Why will your target market and the media care about this?

Write your answers down.

Next, practice telling your benefit to others aloud. You should be able to share it clearly and succinctly with enthusiasm and passion. For the media, turn your benefit into a story that people will find entertaining, useful and unique.

Secrets of press releases revealed! Public relations to the rescue2. Who needs to hear about #1 above?

Make a contact list of all of the potential customers, patients, clients, media members, influencers, and more you want to know about your unique and valuable benefit.

Add this data to a simple software program or spreadsheet… whatever works best for you.

3. How will you share your message? 

Create a schedule to call the people on your list personally. Let them know what you have to offer.

Follow up with an email and letter/postcard via snail mail (yes, it’s slow, but it works). Post your message on social media, add it to your newsletters and marketing materials, send an email campaign, distribute a press release… you get the idea. Communicate in various ways so that your target audience responds.

When it comes to the media, contact the specific reporters, publishers and influencers on your list and introduce yourself. Let them know the value you provide for their specific audience.

Make notes of your progress in your spreadsheet and just keep going. Remember, you may get a lot of “No’s” but just one “Yes” can provide a feature story that goes viral!

Now, start over! 

Yes, this is an ongoing process. Start with these three questions and share your message with the right people throughout the year. It may sound simple, but it can make a huge difference on your success level in 2024.

Take the time to plan your public relations for the year ahead (or hire a PR expert to do it for you!). This way, you can build authority, boost awareness and enjoy a  huge, competitive edge!

Do you need help creating a managing a cohesive message across your content and publicity activities? Contact us today for your initial, public relations’ content strategy session here.

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