Public Relations Gives You That Oh, So Needed Attention!

Public Relations Gives You That Oh, So Needed Attention!

Does Your Target Market Know About You?

If not, public relations can get you the attention you desire!

Smart business owners know that that one good story in the media can help boost awareness, bring in new customers/patients and provide a competitive edge fast. This is all part of the power of PR, or public relations.

After all, when your targeted audience members see your name in the press, you receive third-party credibility you can’t get in any other way.

And if there is no mention of your competitors, guess who is getting all of the attention and sales?

Wonderful You!

So, How Do You Get More Media Attention?

Well, of course you can always buy a placement in your favorite media venue. But this is considered advertising. To get true, third-party credibility via PR, and save a lot of money, it’s all about talking to the right media members at the right time and having them tell your story… at no charge!

This may sound too good to be true, but you can get great publicity for your business or practice, no matter the size of your business or office, without paying for advertising. It just takes some extra time and effort.

Just Keep Your Public Relations Simple.

Start in the easiest, stress-free way possible.

• Conduct research on your local media venues.

Simple Publicity will help you get noticed with PRWhere would you like to be seen or heard and who talks about your industry?

Find the contact information for that particular reporter, producer or publisher and write it down. Read, watch and listen to their stories so you get to know them and their favorite subjects.

• Decide what information to offer them.

Next, take a few minutes to figure out why that specific person would be interested in what you have to say.

What news can you offer them that is current, unique and provides value to their audience?

Practice your talking points.

• Make the call.

When you’re ready, contact the media member directly and introduce yourself. Offer your valuable information and see how they respond.

Maybe they’ll want more information right away for a story! If not, you’ve started a relationship where you can provide them with information in the future, and they now know who you are!

Good PR Is All About Communication.

The process above is simple. It’s just a matter of implementing it on a regular basis. Over time, you’ll make new media connections who’ll begin to listen to what you have to say and start calling you when they need a resource for a story.

Before you know it, you’ll get the media attention you want specifically from your cost-effective PR efforts… along with all of the new sales, awareness and credibility that goes with it!

To learn more how targeted public relations can help you have a massive competitive advantage, contact us to schedule your initial consultation here. 

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