Public Relations Tips for Your Small Business to Boost Sales Now

Is your PR program helping your small business succeed?

If you just launched a new business and want to build buzz fast, or you are a struggling small business owner who needs to increase sales right away, try these…

3 Public Relations Tips for Your Small Business to Boost Sales and Awareness Now!

1. Post an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Press Release.

To boost online attention right away, take a look at the press releases at PRNewswire, Then, write your release by following their specific format (The Associated Press Style Guide format).

Provide valuable information to your customers and include your top keywords for the search engines in your header, subhead and a few times in the body of your release. Once you have proofread the release for errors, simply post the release on free sites online related to news and your industry. You can find these sites by doing a search for “free press release distribution” or looking for sites relative to your products, service and audience. If you want to spend a little money on distribution, check out the many services available and see what fits your budget and goals best.

2. Give a Presentation.

Where does your target market go to get information? Check out various organizations and associations in your local area and offer to give a presentation to their members. Just be sure to provide valuable information and wait to give your sales pitch at the very end of your presentation. This way, you’ll meet new customers and appear to be an expert in your field. You can even invite local media-members to attend. Who knows? The local television news station may show up to cover your public relations event!

3. Offer a Tip Sheet, Newsletter, Case Study, or Something Cool!

What do potential customers get when they come to your site? Are you providing valuable information and answering their questions, or are you just selling your products and services?

Copywriting is an important part of public relations. If you can create some kind of interesting tip sheet, newsletter, case study, or other, electronic “gift,” you’ll win over new customers and start spreading positive, word-of-mouth. Just think about what your customers want and give it to them in a way only your business can (examples: Top 10 Ways to Save Money at the Grocery Store, How to Reduce Your Energy Bill by 80% in 30 Days or Less, What Never to Eat at Airports – You get the idea.)

And once you are ready to give away your “gift,” send out an SEO press release to announce it!

Small Business Public Relations Just Takes Time and Creativity

If you want to boost sales and awareness for your small business, take advantage of cost-effective public relations activities. Be creative and think of ways to provide valuable information to potential customers. Then, contact the press and let them know what you are doing. This may sound simple, but you can generate a lot of buzz with these three tips. Give them a try and let me know what happens!

And if you just don’t have time to pursue SEO strategies and public relations for your small business, please check out the articles here or contact us here. We can help!


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