Public Relations Tips for Small Business – What Not to Do

Finally! Your new small business is up and running, and you
put up the “Open” sign. The only problem is, no customers are
waiting to buy your products and services.

What do you do?

Small Business Public Relations to the Rescue!

It’s time to build buzz by contacting the media, posting SEO press
releases, using social media, and taking part in events, awards
and other activities to get the word out about your new, small business.

But before you move forward, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Here are the top 10 things to avoid when starting your small
business PR efforts.


  1. Distribute a press release to thousands of media members
    via e-mail.

    It will go in the trash, and your system will probably crash.
  2. Send out press releases without search-engine-optimization keywords.
    You are missing out on a great opportunity to get more online attention.
  3. Pitch a reporter during a deadline.
    You will get the brush-off.
  4. Say “No comment” to the press.
    There are better ways to respond to questions.
  5. Hire a publicist who guarantees placements.
    Due to the nature of PR, that’s impossible: unless, he or she
    has full control over the actual media story.
  6. Create your own Website without getting outside feedback.
    You’ll be too close to the information and miss some important
    errors and data.
  7. Provide content that is feature-based, boring and old.
    Instead, offer valuable information for your target market at all times,
    and you’ll build long-lasting, customer relationships.
  8. Forget to update your Website on a regular basis.
    How old is the news and information on your site? If it’s not current,
    you’ll look outdated and lose business to the competition.
  9. Stop communicating with customers.
    With today’s simple processes to create newsletters, blogs,
    e-mail autoresponders, social media, and more, there is no reason
    you should not talk to customers and get their feedback
    on a daily basis.
  10. Avoid any public relations or search engine optimization activities
    because you don’t have the funds.

    There are free and inexpensive ways to build buzz.

Successful Small Business Public Relations Awaits!

These are just a few, quick tips to help you start your public relations
activities the right way, and avoid wasting time, money and effort.

For PR and SEO copywriting success, take the time to provide value
to all of your customers and the media, and you’ll build positive buzz fast.

Need help with your PR and SEO activities? Check out the free
information at and my new book, “Simple
Publicity” at http:///rembrandtwrites/SimplePublicity.htm.

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