How to Find a Good Publicity Photographer

Recently, I searched for a photographer to take new publicity photos. The whole process turned into a priority since my online photos were getting older and older. Based on my experience, I want to share a few tips with you.

 Conduct the appropriate research.

Instead of just opening the local phone book and picking a photographer, do some research. You want to find someone who fits your specific needs.

Many times, wedding photographers will say they do business headshots just to get your money. But if you really want some good photos, ask co-workers, associates and friends for recommendations.

Also, look at the photographers’Websites. Here, you can see samples of their work. And if they don’t have a Website, you’ll know it may be a good idea to go elsewhere with your business. Now some photographers in small towns may not have a Website. If that’s the case, check out their samples in person.

 Check references.

I sent out a query online for a good photographer, and did I ever get some strange responses! A lady recommended her friend who would take my photos if I traveled across the state. And one guy offered to let me change clothes in his trailer! Yeah, right. Let me jump on that opportunity.

There are some crazy people out there so be sure to check references, the Better Business Bureau and other credibility factors before choosing a photographer.

 Discover details in advance.

Before moving forward, try to meet the photographer in person. Ask if you will own the photos or if you will need to ask for permission every time you use them. Also, find out how many changes of clothes you will have, if they do your hair and make-up, how long it will take, when you will get the photos, and how much everything will cost.

Getting some good publicity photos takes time and effort. But you’ll save a lot of money and hassle if you conduct the appropriate research and find a photographer who will meet your specific needs. Plus, you’ll end up working with a photographer you like, and your photos will be that much better!

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