Back to Business – Are You Ready?

With Labor Day comes back-to-school and back-to-business. With this in mind, are you dreading your old routine and the cooler months ahead?

Well, here are a few things you can do now to make a smoother transition and have more business success

1.           Check Your PR Action Plan.

Review your plan of action for the next five months.

What do you hope to accomplish, and what are you going to do to get there?

For example, now is the time to contact various publications to get in their holiday gift-guides. Many of these lists are created months in advance due to print deadlines. With this in mind, conduct some research now so you don’t miss out on any media-opportunities.

2.           Review Your Site.

When was the last time you looked at your Web site? If it has been a few weeks, it’s time for a review. Check for grammar and spelling errors and ask yourself a few questions:

  • Is the content current?
  • Do you provide valuable information for your customers?
  • Can site visitors get the information they need quickly and easily?
  • Is your site optimized for the search engines?

If you answered, “No,” to any of these questions, your site needs some attention. And if you want to save yourself time, hire a professional, SEO copywriter to help you. In the long run, you’ll save yourself from unnecessary hassles and have better results.

3.           Create Time for You.

Before things start to get hectic, create a tentative schedule. Mark your calendar for personal time. Whether you want to hang out with friends and family members, read a book, work out, go to the spa, or do some other activity to collect your thoughts, set aside time now.

Then, when your workload starts to pick up, you’ll remember to take time to relax and enjoy life ““ and still accomplish work tasks.

As you get your barbeque ready for the weekend holiday, your busy, back-to-work schedule is the last thing you probably want to think about right now. But, if you spend a short time preparing your action plan and Web site now, you’ll have more control, feel more relaxed and know what you need to accomplish to reach your goals in the months ahead.

For me, I’ve made my action plan and am going to take some time off to enjoy the holiday, but I’ll be back soon!

In the meantime, check out my new book, “Simple Publicity ““ How to do your own public relations to boost sales, awareness and credibility: fast without spending a lot of money” at, or the PR and SEO copywriting information I offer at Thanks, and have a great, holiday weekend!

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