Reduce Small Business Stress This Summer

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It’s Summer. Stop and Smell the Roses… and the B2B Success!

As a B2B owner, it’s likely that you rarely stop working. Even when you are at the gym, in the shower or watching your kids’ softball game, you are probably thinking about work. Heck! That’s probably where you get some of your best ideas!

Yes, it’s summer, and that means you are supposed to relax. Once in awhile, turn off your phone and take a break. Otherwise, the summer will fly by, and you’ll miss it.

And, as a fellow B2B owner, I know it’s difficult to stop thinking about work. But, when you do think about your business, you can change your mindset so that you focus on positive things. This will help you reduce stress and actually help your business grow.

For example, here are a few insights to help you and your team members have a more positive attitude this summer… and accomplish more in the process!

Tips to Reduce Your Work Stress this Summer

Have you ever had a disagreement with a client, employee, freelancer, or someone else over the use of certain words in a PPC campaign, e-mail, newsletter, landing page, or other marketing materials?

If you are trying to get the most out of your marketing, SEO and PR campaigns, you’ve probably run into this issue more than once. And it can waste a lot of resources… and even ruin relationships.

Well, I have good news for you! There are three ways you can easily resolve this situation and boost sales at the same time:

1. Use AP Style.

The Associated Press issues an updated book every year called the “AP Stylebook and Briefing on Media Law.” It’s available at Basically, it provides a dictionary-like guide to correct spelling and grammar that is used by most media venues in the U.S.

And since most press releases need to follow this style anyway, why not use it to settle word disagreements?

If your clients insist on using a certain word or style, point to the entry in the book and show the correct usage. If you have set guidelines for everyone to follow in your business, the disagreements can end.

2. Test words.

Another way to end disagreements about word usage is to test variations. Simply write your website page, newsletter, e-mail, PPC ads, or other copy, and post two different versions.

Monitor the results with a tool like Google Analytics, AWeber, bitly, or another diagnostic tool. Then, see which version received the most attention, and you have a winner!

Why spend time on arguments over word usage, grammar and style? Instead, use one of these solutions to enhance overall results and focus on more important, core business activities.

3. Say “Thank You.”

And if you find yourself in a bad mood having other disagreements with those around you, try this simple trick. When you start your day, think of all the things you are thankful for, and carry this feeling of gratitude with you as you go about your activities.

Also, think about the people you deal with on a daily basis that help your business succeed. How can you tell them you care?

For example, you can:

  • Send special, personalized notes to your customers, associates, employees, and more.

And by special, I’m not talking about e-mails. Take the time to pick out a card, handwrite a personal note and then deliver it in person or send it via snail mail. The recipient will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

  • Do something different.

Out of the blue, surprise your team members with a special breakfast or lunch, gift cards, a “field trip” to a unique event, or another treat. By giving them something out of the ordinary, you’ll provide a nice break and let them know you appreciate their hard work.

  • Try to maintain a thankful mindset at all times.

It can be easy to focus on all of the problems your B2B has and how you need more sales, money, people, etc. Instead, try to think of all the things you are thankful for on a regular basis.

Soon, your everyday problems won’t seem so bad. Plus, you’ll project a more positive image to your customers, team members and associates… and happiness is catchy!

It may seem simple, but the little word, “Thanks,” can mean a lot. Not only does it let others know you appreciate them, but it can turn a bad day around fast.

Ready for a Positive Summer?

The warm days of summer are here, and it’s time to go outside and have fun with family and friends. Don’t let this wonderful season pass you by, and take a break from work.

And, if you do find yourself thinking about your B2B, keep it positive. Avoid content disagreements with a style guide or simple tests, and thank those around you whenever possible. By focusing on the positive things and people that you have in your life, you will have a better attitude.

And you’d be amazed at how this can affect your business in a positive way/

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