Resolution, Shmezolution! How to Reach 2011 Biz Goals

Woo Hoo! It’s the New Year. Did you make a resolution
to lose weight, stop smoking, or get in better shape this
year? Maybe you want to start your own business?

Well, as most of you know, it can be very difficult to
keep a resolution. I always like to think of resolutions
as long-term “goal setting” instead.

This way, it’s possible to create an action plan and the
specific activities, support networks, and timelines
necessary to achieve goals throughout the entire year.

And while I can’t help you improve your health, I can
provide a few tips to help you reach your new sales
goals in 2011 ““ fast!

1. Content is king.

First of all, what are you giving your customers other
than sales messages, products and services?

Today, content is king. Try to provide your customers
with additional value through content. Create blogs,
articles, white papers, social marketing campaigns,
eReports, and more to become the “go to” source for
answers in your industry.

Rather than spend your money on a big Website with
all the graphics, bells and whistles, focus on your

What can you provide that will make them tell your
friends about you and build positive, credible buzz?

And if you are not a good writer, it’s well worth it to hire
professional, search engine optimization copywriters.

Not only can they take this activity “off your plate,” but
they can also write copy that is optimized for the search
engines to help you build even more awareness online.

2. Contact the Media.

Once you have all of your content ready to go, let the
appropriate media members know!

Create a press release announcing your free content
and post it on no-cost sites (see
for a list) or use a low-cost service like PRWeb.

Also, write a personal pitch to the appropriate, media
members telling them why your free content is important
to their audience.

You may be surprised at how many new site visitors you
get from one, simple press release or call to a reporter!

3.   Capture Data.

Well, now that you have your free content and are ready
to tell the world about it, how are you going to capture
data for all of the potential, new customers who visit your site?  

Simple. Set up a newsletter registration form using one of
the many services available (AWeber, Constant Contact,
Infusionsoft, etc.) and ask site visitors to provide their
name and e-mail address.

In return, give them a free eReport, checklist, white paper,
etc. Then, keep in contact with your new sign-ups on a
regular basis. But be sure you provide value and not
just sales messages (more on this in a future blog entry)!

By giving customers what they want, providing valuable
information and forming relationships, you can reach
your business sales goals for 2011.

Try adding these activities to your action plan now,
and you’ll discover that this is one resolution you can keep!

In the meantime, if you need help setting up and creating
your newsletter registration, e-mails, free reports and more,
please let me know here or at

I want you to be able to capture customer information, provide
valuable content, and increase sales now!

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