What’s Your Call-To-Action on Your SEO Page?

Are you staring at a blank screen ready to write some search engine optimization (SEO) copy for your Website?

Hold on!

You need a call-to-action for your SEO copy first!

Before you start writing, you should know exactly what you want site visitors to do on that page of your Website.

Do you want them to register for your free newsletter?

Do you want them to buy your new widget?

Do you want them to watch your video?

Whatever it is, decide what action you want your site visitors to take. Then, write all of your copy based on this single action.

Not only will this process help you focus your efforts on a single message, but it will make it easier for you to write simple copy that gets to the point.

To help you get started, answer these questions:

  • What do I want site visitors to do on this page of my site?
  • Why will they want to do this particular action?
  • What kind of benefits can I offer them so that they take this action?

And don’t forget to focus on my favorite, SEO writing tip:

Provide value to your customers!

Obviously, you want to use your SEO keywords while getting your message across. But don’t forget to think about your customers’ needs and what’s in it for them. Help answer their questions while guiding them through the process you want them to take.

Test The Results.

When you are finished writing, have an outsider read your copy to see if it is engaging and causes him or her to do your particular action. If not, you have some changes to make.

And once your Web copy is ready and goes live, check to see how many people click on your link or take the action you want them to take. Make changes to your copy, and see if that increases the results.

You’ll want to monitor your call-to-action clicks on a regular basis and update your copy to see what works best.

Just as you monitor your keywords, you need to look at the actions your site visitors are taking. After all, if you can guide potential customers through your site, taking the actions you want them to take, you’ll win new customers and see sales skyrocket.

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