Are You Too Close to Your SEO Content?

If you are a good search engine optimization (SEO) copywriter, then you probably spend hours crafting the perfect message and placing the appropriate keywords in just the right place. You care about the message and providing value to your client and their customers.

But are you too close to your copy and wasting time in the process?

Ask yourself these questions to find out:

Do you wait until it’s perfect?

If you are spending a lot of time on your copy until it’s perfect, it’s time to look at the way you work.

Your copy will never be perfect, and more than likely, your client will edit your final version in some way anyway.

With this in mind, create a good, final version you are happy with, proofread it for errors and send it to your client. While you may want your writing to be perfect, learn to settle for your very best instead. Otherwise, you’ll never get a project done!

Do you get upset when people make changes to your copy?

While it’s o.k. to question changes that affect the overall messaging, keyword use and value of a piece, it’s not o.k. to be stubborn about your “work of art” and fight every change that is made by others.

Get over yourself. This is business.

While you may be a fantastic writer, your clients always have the last say. Give them your opinion about the changes and how they will affect the overall results, but leave it at that and let them take the copy from there.

Then, when reviewing the copy results, let your clients know what worked best and what didn’t… and why. If your clients are unfamiliar with SEO copywriting, this will be a learning process. It will take them time to learn how SEO copywriting works and trust your writing and the results you bring to the table.

Are you wasting time?

How much time do you spend on each, SEO copywriting project? If you tend to take too many hours to write an SEO article, blog, press release, or other piece, it’s time to review your process.

Where do you spend the most amount of time?

Is it on research, writing or editing?

If you need help with research and editing, hire an intern or someone else to help you. If you spend too much time perfecting your copy, teach yourself to write good copy and let it go – as mentioned above.

The longer you take to create SEO copywriting projects, the less you will be able to produce. This means that you will be providing less copy to your audience and the search engines. Plus, you are reducing the amount of money you are making. Look at where you are wasting time, and figure out how to speed up your process without sacrificing on the quality of your work.

Let it go, fellow SEO copywriters!

Many will say that SEO copywriting is an art form, and in many ways, it is. We are providing copy that sells and makes people take a particular action. However, it’s important to review your processes to see if you are “too close” to the words you are creating.

Learn how to manage your time while providing excellent, SEO copywriting results. Let go of your work at a personal level, and move onto the next project when the time is right. This way, you’ll keep your clients happy, be able to take on more work and increase profits faster.

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