In SEO, Don’t Forget the Optimization Part

Search Engine Optimization is About Content

In your quest to get to the top of the search engines using search engine optimization (SEO) keywords, coding and linking, it can be easy to forget the “Big O” of SEO – Optimization! The whole reason you conduct SEO is to optimize your Website for the search engines. Well,

What does it mean to optimize your site for the search engines?

In a nutshell, you want to provide valuable information to potential customers so that they buy your products and services and tell their friends about what you have to offer. To do this, you need to focus on the content you are providing.

How do you decide what SEO content to offer?

This is simple. All you need to do is conduct some research to find out what your customers are most interested in… now. To start, take a look at the analytics connected to your Website and ask yourself a few questions:

  • What pages are your customers visiting most and spending the time to read?
  • What keywords are people using to get to your Website?
  • What Web information are your customers sharing with others via your social-media venues?
  • What kind of feedback are you receiving from your blogs?

You can also look at competitor sites and see what is going on there. And be sure to keep up with industry news and events so that you can share the latest information with your customers. If you still don’t know what your customers want, ask them with a simple, online survey tool!

How do you offer SEO content?

Once you know what your customers like the most and want to hear about, how do you share it with them? There are many ways to offer value to your customers. Other than writing Web content that reflects this information look at offering:

  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • E-mail campaigns
  • Contests
  • Surveys
  • Videos
  • Tip Sheets
  • Social Media Events and more!

Use SEO to Offer Unique Information.

Be creative. If you can provide valuable and unique information to potential customers, while including your SEO keywords, links and coding, you will see site rankings rise. In addition, you’ll start to build positive word-of-mouth and see sales increase dramatically.


How are you going to provide SEO content to your customers today?


Please provide your thoughts below, and if you need help with your SEO content strategy, please contact me here.

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