When Not to Pursue a New SEO, PR or Social Media Technology

Every day, there seems to be some kind of new technology or app out there to help you run your business.

This one will increase productivity.
That one will help your customers find your business online.
Yet, another one will help you save time and money.

As a new entrepreneur, it can be impossible to keep track of all the updates. How do you know where to spend your energy?

Well, with this in mind, here are a few questions to ask yourself to avoid wasting time, money and effort on the wrong technology for your business.

Do You Need That New SEO, PR or Social Media Technology?

If you are not sure whether to pursue a new technology or not, ask yourself these top three questions:

1. Will the technology help increase business, or are you just using it because everyone else is?

It can be easy to jump on the bandwagon. Everyone seems to be Tweeting, using facebook, venturing onto Pinterest and using the latest, social-media tools. But before you start any social media or tech activity, make sure you set specific goals and have ways of monitoring your actions.

After all, if your target audience members are not using social media, you’ll waste time and effort.

2. Does the technology fill a specific need for your business, or is it just cool?

Some of the new technologies out there are really cool. You can give live presentations in real time, share games and files with others and make fun videos. It can be easy to get carried away and have a great time. And while it’s a good idea to get your customers involved in your business in new and exciting ways, it’s important to provide them with value.

While a new technology may capture your attention, will it help you reach your overall, business goals? When looking at all of the new products and services out there, make sure you are fulfilling a specific, business need and not just buying something because it’s cool. This may sound simple, but with some of the promotions and marketing campaigns out there, it can be hard to resist all of the bells and whistles!

3. How much does it cost?

This may be a blatant question, but it can be easy to forget to find out total costs. When looking at new technologies, what are you paying for? Are there licensing agreements, monthly dues, extra costs, or hidden fees involved?

Do your due diligence and find out exactly what you get for your money. Then, look at your business goals and see if the technology fits into your budget.

Get Smart About Technology

New technologies can be really cool, and they usually come with slick marketing campaigns that draw you in. But before you decide to use a technology for your business, even if it’s free, look at your overall goals. Will it help provide more value to your customers? Will it help improve productivity, sales and credibility accordingly?

By taking time to evaluate new technologies before using them for your business, you’ll save time, effort and money. Plus, you’ll figure out which technologies will actually work best for your particular needs and be most cost-effective.

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