Do You Really Need an SEO Press Release?

The Top 3 Reasons to Distribute an SEO Press Release

Today’s technology allows small businesses to build awareness online cost-effectively. Traditional public relations (PR) activities such as developing story ideas, talking to media members and promoting various events are important. But if you are not combining these activities with technological advancements, you are missing out on excellent opportunities to build buzz and increase sales.

You can use the latest online media lists, high-tech distribution services and e-mail marketing tools, but if you really want to build buzz without spending a lot of money, take advantage of search engine optimization (SEO) in your press releases. Why?

Here are 3 Reasons to Distribute an SEO Press Release

  1. Significantly Increase Awareness.

If you are already distributing traditional press releases, why not add one, simple step to help media members and your target market find you online? By adding the appropriate keywords and links in the right place on your release, you can jump to the top of the search engines the day your news is distributed and reach more, new customers.

  1. Save Money.

Big, press-release distributions with a wire service can be expensive. By optimizing your press release for the search engines, you can post the release on targeted sites yourself and build buzz without spending a dime.

There are also inexpensive, online press-release-distribution-services that focus on sending SEO press releases to the press. Media members look for specific words in online press-releases depending on their news beat, but if your press release isn’t optimized, your business may not appear in their search results.

  1. Prove and Improve Results.

By monitoring the links in your SEO press release and your site analytics, you can see how many people responded to your press release and the keywords that they used. If you receive a high level of new site visitors and clicks on your landing page, you know your press release is working. Plus, you have actual statistics to share with your leadership team. If the response levels are low, you’ll have a better understanding of what to change and improve upon in your next release.

Good PR today involves traditional activities and new technology.

Traditional public-relations activities are very important to establishing major, media interviews. However, you’ll also want to create an SEO press release to accompany these efforts. Then, you can reach a larger portion of your target market cost-effectively and receive specific analytics to see what’s working and what isn’t. More important, you can build online awareness that beats the competition and increases sales dramatically.


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