Do You Send Out SEO Press Releases?

Tips to boost online awareness fast without spending a fortune

Yes, Google just announced that links in your press releases should be marked as “no follow” in order to avoid negative rankings by the search engine.

However, that doesn’t mean you should stop announcing valuable news and information online. Google and the other search engines like good content that site users can actually use.

With this in mind, decide what your latest news is and create a press release. Be sure to add keywords to your title, first paragraph and quotes. Then, distribute it to free and industry sites or use a service like PRWeb or PRNewswire.

After the release goes out, check the search engines for your news and review your site analytics. You will probably see an increase in site traffic.

What kind of benefits are you offering?

If you are sending out press releases and using different marketing activities to get potential, new customers to your site, what do these people see when they visit your site for the first time?

Are you providing them with answers to their questions?

Are you focusing on benefits instead of features?

Take a look at your site content and landing pages. Ensure that you tell people “what’s in it for them” right away and guide them through the sales process. Make it easy for them to get the information they need to press the “buy” or “call us” button.

How are your efforts going?

When was the last time you studied your site analytics, looked at the results of your advertising campaigns and reviewed your customer lists?

Now is the time to see what site visitors are looking at most so you can figure out what they find most valuable.

Also, if your PPC and e-mail marketing campaigns are flat, it’s time to try new content and test the results. And when you send out an e-mail, are you getting a lot of bounces?

Take some time to clean up your site and lists, create and test new campaigns and discover what your customers want.

Time to Get Back to Work

Most businesses are gearing up for the busy months ahead. Now is the time to review your PR and marketing activities, create new SEO content strategies and reach out to customers to fulfill their needs. It will take some work, but if you don’t do it, you can bet your competition will.

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