Do You Know These SEO Social Secrets?

Recently, I focused on how it’s important to provide value to your customers in your search engine optimization (SEO) copywriting efforts. You can ask your customers what they want via surveys to get some good information, but there is also another way to get information from your customers.

Uncover SEO Secrets with These 3 Social Media Venues.

  • Facebook

While many of you have a Facebook strategy in place to engage customers, are you reviewing the comments and information for keywords and trends?

By listening to what people are saying, you can uncover some juicy secrets about your customers’ needs.

  • Perhaps they are talking about a specific product benefit?
  • Maybe there are a lot of comments about a hot trend in your industry?

You may even read some comments about competitor products, problems with your services and other issues you were unaware of.

In addition, check out the words people are using in your posts. Are these words on your keyword list?

  • Twitter

While you can’t have very long conversations on Twitter, you can get a good feel for what is important to your customers at the current time.

  • What are people talking about today?
  • What topics bring out emotion in the posts?
  • What kind of ideas are you seeing numerous times?

Just like Facebook, you want to monitor hot topics and see the words people are using. And because people need to write short comments and get to the point, it easier to see what is important to them at the current time.

  • Blogs

I’m sure you have been reviewing the blogs of your competitors, But have you been looking at the comments people write below their entries as well? This is where customers get the chance to voice their opinions.

By reading these comments, you can see what people are saying about your competitors.

  • Do they have problems with particular areas of their products and services?
  • Are they discussing hot trends in the industry and how the products relate to those trends?
  • What are they praising or talking about in a negative way?

This data provides a wealth of information about your competition, and what your target market thinks about your competition.

Use Social Media to Provide SEO Value.

By monitoring your social media sites, and those of your competitors, you will know what your target market is talking about, discover current trends and ideas, and most important, learn what kind of information is valuable to them.

And when you review the data on a regular basis, you’ll see recurring words you can add to your keyword list.

Social media provides an inside look at what your customers are thinking at no cost. You can then use this data to create content that provides benefits, current insights and value to your customers.

It’s a win-win situation. You provide valuable information, and both loyal and new customers return to your site on a regular basis.

And isn’t that what search engine optimization copywriting is all about?

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