Small Business Owners, Change Your Life Instantly With This 6-Letter Word!

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Small Business Success is More Than Sales, PR and Marketing…

As a small business owner, you probably utter many four-letter words under your breath, or hear them from others, on a regular basis.

Well, I’m going to remind you of a six-letter word you can say as much as possible, 365 days a year.

It will:

• Put you in a better mood;
• Cause others to like you more;
• Open up business opportunities;
• Reduce stress and increase humility;
• Give you a competitive edge; and so much more!

Well, you’ve probably already guessed it. It’s “Thanks.”

This word has so much power, and most small business owners don’t use it often enough. Just by saying it, you will feel better. Plus, the people you say it to will appreciate hearing it.

This word is a win-win whenever it comes out of your mouth!

Think about it. The next time you get stressed out and want to shout out every bad word you know, stop and regroup. Maybe someone made you very angry. Yes, you want to lash out, but at the same time, think about what you can learn from this situation.

Maybe you can respond in a more positive way and be thankful this situation came up?

After all, if you stay calm, you may find out that you need to let go of a certain employee who is stealing from the company, discover that a particular vendor is not doing what they promised or uncover a small issue that could potentially turn into a major and costly problem in the future.

PR tips for small business owners

By having a mindset of being thankful, things will change.

You will look at everything in a different way and be grateful for every person you meet, every situation that arises and every material object you obtain… good or bad.

Give it a try and let me know what you think. The next time you are mad, depressed, jealous, or have some other feeling that is bringing you down, list 10 things you are grateful for in life. You may want to add to this by posting an image of someone less fortunate near your desk as a simple reminder.

Yes, being an entrepreneur is difficult. We can all use little “tips” to help us get through rough situations. That’s why “Thanks” is such a great word. You can use it at any time to get a jolt of positivity. And after you start saying it more and more, your “bad days” will occur less, and you’ll just be happy and thankful every day!

I’d like to thank you for reading this blog and being a part of Rembrandt Communications!

Have a wonderful holiday season, and if you need some help growing your small business in 2020, please contact us here for a free, initial consultation!

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