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News: Small Business PR Academy Opens for Pre-Registration

Entrepreneurs to get competitive edge via DIY public relations at

Entrepreneurs can now pre-register for the new, Small Business PR Academy from Rembrandt Communications at Instead of wasting resources, anyone can now learn the skills necessary to take advantage of all the benefits small business public relations (PR) has to offer… at a fraction of the cost of hiring an agency.

“After spending over 30 years helping small business owners successfully boost sales, awareness and credibility with public relations, I am offering the unique, DIY training and inside secrets they need to get results at an affordable price,” states Melanie Rembrandt, Small Business PR Expert and Rembrandt Communications Founder.

Successful Public Relations for Small Business Owners is Finally Affordable!

Public relations can help small businesses grow significantly with third-party credibility from the media that can’t be obtained any other way. PR builds online awareness that can increase new customer leads and sales. However, many entrepreneurs simply cannot afford to hire a publicist. That’s where the new Small Business PR Academy comes in.

Benefits of Rembrandt’s Small Business PR Academy:

With the online training, anyone can easily learn:

• How to get positive media attention to significantly increase awareness and sales fast;

• What to say and do before, during and after a media interview for the best results; and

• Which content works to get the right message across at the right time, and much more!

Small business owners can have one of their team members go through the training, learn the PR skills necessary, get certified, and conduct their own, ongoing public relations activities. It’s fun, fast, easy, and starts at less than $100.00 per month. Individual products are available starting at under $20.00, too!

Small Business PR Academy registrants will have access to exclusive content, inside secrets the big PR firms want to keep private, training materials, coaching calls, current media insights, and more…

Participants get everything necessary to take advantage of public relations without wasting time, money or resources!

“Media members want to hear from small business owners with unique stories to tell,” states Rembrandt. “Now, entrepreneurs can avoid rip-offs, take control and get results to help them reach the next level of success. By sharing my secrets and providing the right small business public relations training, anyone can take advantage of PR for a competitive edge at an affordable price.”

To learn more and pre-register for the Small Business PR Academy, click here

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