The Small Business PR Academy

The Small Business PR Academy offers public relations training.

Welcome to The Small Business PR Academy!

As a small business owner, there is something the big PR agencies don’t want you to know…

Media members want to talk to you over a publicist… and they will.

After all, you have the most passion about your business and can provide all of the facts and personal insights they need… immediately.

You don’t need a publicist.

But, you do need the time and skills to take advantage of everything public relations has to offer.

And, as a fellow entrepreneur. I get it.

You don’t have any extra time or money to make PR happen for your growing business… until now.

After working specifically with small business owners for over 30 years, here’s your solution.

Train an intern, administrative assistant or another team member how to do PR for your business!

With my new, Small Business PR Academy, they can learn all of the skills necessary to get you the media attention, third-party credibility, online awareness, and more you can ONLY get from public relations.

It’s less than $100.00 per month… a tiny fraction of what it costs to hire a PR firm.

Best of all, there’s no commitment. You can sign up for the full academy, individual courses and more.

You have nothing to lose, and the power of public relations to gain!

We are registering all of the small business owners who are interested now as we plan to launch in a matter of weeks.

Do you want to be one of the first to learn about it?

If you want to learn how to make PR work for your small business to boost online awareness, sales and credibility… without wasting time, money or resources… and at a fraction of the cost of hiring a public relations’ firm, click here or fill out the short form below, and we’ll be in touch!

You’ll be the first to know when registration opens in the next few weeks!