Small Business Public Relations – Why Do You Need It?

Small Business Public Relations ““ What Is It?

When many entrepreneurs think of public relations (PR), they
think about sending out a press release.

But PR is so much more:

It entails all of the communications you have with the media,
customers, employees, partners, etc.

Why Do You Need It?

By communicating with your customers and the media, you
can share your message, build word-of-mouth buzz and bring
in new sales and site visitors without paying for advertising.

Yes, obtaining publicity is free, but it will cost you time and

However, when outside sources talk about your products
and services, you receive third-party credibility you cannot
purchase or obtain anywhere else.

How Do You Start?

Begin your public relations’efforts by writing down your goals and
action-plan to reach these goals.

What do you want to accomplish and when?

Next, make a list of the people you need to contact.

Which media members will find your story interesting?

Then, call these reporters, editors, bloggers, and producers.

Introduce yourself.

Send them pertinent story ideas and news about your company to create a
working relationship. Let them know you are a resource with valuable information
to share.

You can also start communicating with your customers and
partners with a monthly newsletter, e-mail auto-responder campaigns,
free eReports, social media, and more.

And don’t forget to take advantage of search engine optimization (SEO)
copywriting to gain attention online.

Small Business Public Relations ““ A Golden Opportunity

Remember, PR is all about communication. It’s
not about sending out a press release to the masses and hoping for the best.

Focus on  providing valuable information and letting customers know
what you have to offer that benefits their needs.

By taking the time to review goals, research, create an action plan, and
communicate your targeted message to a specific audience with SEO, you will boost
sales, awareness and credibility quickly and cost-effectively.

And once things starts to build, you can hire an expert SEO copywriter and
publicist to help you keep the momentum going while you concentrate on
core, business responsibilities.

Public relations and SEO activities are the key to entrepreneurial success on a budget.
Yes, it’s a lot of hard work. But the results are well worth the effort.

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