Small Business Public Relations is Not So Small

Think Big for Bigger Results.

If you are an entrepreneur, you may be looking for “small business public relations.” But the truth is, public relations strategies and tactics are the same for large corporations as they are for small business owners.

You both have specific business goals, targeted media members to pursue and the need to provide valuable, current content. The big difference is your budget. If you are just starting a business, you are probably doing your own public relations or looking for a “boutique” public relations agency.

If this sounds familiar, here are….

3 Steps to Find the Perfect Small Business Public Relations Person

1. Thing Big.

Instead of looking for a PR firm to meet your small budget, decide what you want to accomplish with your media relations and content strategy. Just because you are small doesn’t mean you can’t get the same kind of coverage big businesses do. It’s all about thinking big.

2. Take Time to Find the Right Experts.

Believe it or not, there are people out there who will be willing to help you reach your goals – even if you have a small budget.

Start looking at local universities for students who want to expand their portfolio. Also, contact various organizations related to your industry, public relations and copywriting and ask for referrals. Conduct online research.

It will take time and effort, but you will find the right people for your team. And you may even save yourself a lot of money.


If you spend your hard-earned money on a big, PR agency, you may be considered a “small client” and not get the results you are hoping for. But if you find someone who cares about your business and has the right skills, that person may be willing to grow with your business and give you excellent, media coverage and copywriting results at a fraction of the cost.

3. Be Honest and Communicate.

Once you find good people to work with, be upfront with them about your payment schedule and have open communications. This way, there won’t be any surprises, you’ll be on the same page when it comes to project goals and responsibilities, and you’ll have a good working relationship.

Without honesty and communications, you’ll lose the great people you worked so hard to find.

Stop Thinking of Yourself as Small

If you just don’t have time to find a good PR person or copywriter to help you with your marketing and public relations’ goals, don’t worry about it. There are many things you can do on your own until you build enough buzz to hire experts.

To start, write blogs with your keyword phrases in them that provide valuable content, post a press release about your business, get involved on social media, etc. It takes work, but do what you can. From your actions, you just may see sales skyrocket. Then, the best PR experts and copywriters will be competing to work with you!


For more help finding the right PR people, or doing your own small business public relations, check out the information here, or write to me here.

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