Look for the Small Business Silver Lining

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How are you doing?

With all the COVID-19 news, you may be feeling some anxiety and a bit negative right now.

However, things do not have to be all doom and gloom for you or your business. That’s why I’m sending you a few insights to help you and your business through this difficult time!

Look for the small business silver lining!Positive Insights and a Small Business Silver Lining…

• Are you in the medical field, or do you have some kind of expertise you can share?

Call local media members and let them know you have valuable information to share with their audience. Not only will you be able to help others, but you may get some great news coverage as well!

• Do you communicate regularly with your audience?

Let your employees, advertisers, partners, customers, sponsors, and more know how your business is handling this virus. What are you doing to help them get through this difficult time? Let them know! Send out an email or post information on your site.

• How can you revise your products and services?

If you do most of your work in-person, is there any way you can take this online? Perhaps, you can hold webinars, share videos, or conduct an online event? Think of creative ways to share your products, services or expertise with your customers in new ways.

This may be the beginning of something fresh and new!

It may be difficult, but try to look at current events as a way to give your targeted audience what they want in new ways. You may just energize (you and) your business in the process!

I hope this helps, and if there is any kind of content or media relations you need assistance with during this difficult time, please let me know.

We’ll get through this!

Take care,

P.S. For help and some small business silver lining insights, feel free to contact me here.

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