Is Your Social Media One-Sided?

You post interesting tweets every day and add to your Facebook pages up to five times a day. People seem to like your posts, and you are obtaining a following.

Good for you!

But it may be time to take a closer look at your social media efforts. After all, you may be forgetting one key thing that can catapult your followers and brand awareness:

Social Media is About Being Social.

While you may love posting all about your products and services, if you are not communicating back to your followers, you are not being social.

Instead of having a one-way discussion, here are some tips to help you actually talk to your followers and reach specific, company goals:

1. Post links to outside experts, resources, interesting articles, videos, etc.

Although you are sending people away from your site, you are providing value via an outside view so it’s not all about you and your business.

2. Retweet worthy tweets.

When you see a tweet that is worthy of sharing, retweet it to your followers.

Not only will you provide additional value, but people will appreciate the fact that you are watching and listening to others to have something important or interesting to share.

3. Ask questions and respond to comments.

When your followers take the time to post comments on your sites, respond in a timely fashion.

This way, they know there is an actual person behind your tweets and Facebook posts who cares about what they have to say. Plus, you’ll probably get some good feedback about your business directly from your customers.

4. Jump into conversations.

Be sure to visit the social media sites of others. Provide insights, communicate and send direct messages to the people you want to meet. Spend time interacting, and you’ll meet new people who can help your business succeed.

5. Say something interesting.

It can be very easy to insert sales jargon and links to your products and services. But is that what your followers want to see?

Instead, try to add your personal touch with interesting stories, humor, fun facts, and more. After all, people like to read things that provide value and entertainment. Plus, they want to see a little bit of the “real person” behind your posts.

Spend the Time to Communicate.

These are just five quick tips to help you with your social media efforts. By putting a little time and effort into your posts, sharing interesting and valuable information and communicating back to customers, you will discover more about your customers’ wants and needs.

And more important, you’ll start to grow brand awareness fast.

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