Spring Into SEO and PR Action!

Spring is here, and it’s time to take action before the slow days of summer arrive (when you’d rather be outside than behind your desk).

With this in mind, what actions are you going to take right away to make things happen with your PR and search engine optimization (SEO) activities?

Here are 3 ideas to help you get going:

1. Send out a press release optimized for the search engines. Make sure it provides valuable information to your customers and the media.

2. Write an original article or blog and see if a media venue would like to post the content. If not, post it on your Website and add your top, SEO keywords to the copy.

3. Create a targeted pitch for a specific media member and call that person on the phone. You have nothing to lose, and some potential publicity to gain.

Just by taking a few, simple actions, you can get your Spring activities in full bloom so you’ll be ready for summer. Take some time to plan what you are going to do, and then do it! You may surprise yourself at the results!

What about you?

Do you have some good advice on taking action and completing goals this Spring that you’d like to share? Please let us know below or on Twitter.


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