Stand Out with Small Business PR

Stand Out with Small Business PR

Media buzz can help you build credibility and get noticed by your entire buying audience

Several years ago, you could make a phone call to one person at an organization, make your pitch and finalize a sale. Today, this happens less because buying committees consist of numerous people at various levels in an organization. For example, you may have an intern conducting online research for the latest products and services, marketers attending trade shows and talking to different vendors, C-level executives hearing pitches from fellow associates, and more. Then, all of this input is discussed by everyone involved… and a buying-decision is eventually made.

This means that your B2B marketing efforts need to cover many different people at an organization at various stages of the buying cycle. But, there is something you can do to positively reach a large group of influencers all at one time.

What is this mystery activity? Public Relations!

By having your company’s brand name and employees featured in a media venue that your target market notices, you get third-party credibility you simply can’t buy. Plus, it’s less expensive than advertising and you can use your media “clip” future promotional efforts, marketing messages, sales presentations, and more.

So where do you start?

Large PR firms can charge anywhere from $5,000 up per month to get your business some media attention. However, you can start to get some coverage on your own at no cost to you with a few, key steps…

1.Research Media Members and Venues.

Start by reviewing the media venues that your targeted audience-members read, watch and listen to in print and online. Then, look for the name and contact information of the managing editor, producer or reporter who covers your “beat” or industry.

2. Practice Your Pitch.

Next, figure out your story angle. What is that media member going to care about for their audience? Think about the value you can provide. Perhaps, you can give insights on the latest news as an expert in your industry? Maybe you can offer yourself as a future resource? Be creative.

Write down your key talking points and practice what you are going to say. Make it short and sweet and be sure to keep the media member’s needs top-of-mind.

Once you know what you are going to say…

3. Make the Call.

Media members are inundated with hundreds of email pitches each week. And even though you probably love email as a B2B expert, pick up the phone instead!

Call the media member directly, introduce yourself and give your pitch. You may call at just the right time for a story they are preparing for an upcoming deadline. If not, at least they now know who you are and can call you as a resource for future stories.

Plus, members of the media love talking to actual experts and business owners rather than PR professionals. They know you are the “real-deal” original-source and have the most passion for your business.

And in addition to making these calls…

4.Write Content Specifically for the Media.

 Whether it’s a blog post optimized for the search engine, a press release that provides valuable news, a tip sheet, or something else, publish and distribute content that media members will notice.

By commenting on a hot trend in your industry, offering valuable tips and insights on the latest news or answering key questions that appear on social media, your chances of being noticed by a media member increase dramatically.

Realize that they need expert insights to write stories about current trends, news and more, and they scan the internet every day for input and resources. Be top-of-mind, and you might just get a call for a big interview with one of your targeted media venues!

Take the Time for B2B PR and See What Happens!

This PR activity for your B2B takes time and effort, but if you get just one story in a targeted media venue, you can have a huge competitive advantage. After all, when potential customers see your business or experts mentioned in the media, you get instant credibility that your competitors can’t touch.

Plus, one good media interview can help you reach many members of your targeted buying-committee all at once… without spending extra money on omnichannel research, advertising, sponsorships, and more!

Are you ready to add PR activities to your overall B2B marketing plan?

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This article originally appeared on B2B News Network.