How to Make Your Summer Content Sizzle

… and have time for a cool beverage

It’s hot. It’s humid. It’s the middle of summer, and the last thing you feel like doing is starting a massive, sales campaign to bring in new customers.Visit to make your summer content sizzle!

This won’t work anyway because most of your potential customers are either on vacation, getting ready to travel or are in “summer mode.”

So what can you do?

Check out these…

3 Quick Tips to Use Sizzling Content to Bring in Sales

1. Provide Summer Tips.

If everyone is thinking about the beach, doing fun things outside, or just napping, use that information! In your e-mail campaigns, newsletter, tip sheets, blogs, and articles, write about “summer” topics rather than sending a sales message.

If possible, provide summer tips that tie in with your products and services. And if there is no way to do this, just give your customers some valuable information they can use at the beach, on vacation, during free time, and more.

Your customers will like to hear something different that the “usual” marketing-message and appreciate the thought!

2. Target Your Audience.

How well do you know your target-market? Be sure to provide content that potential customers will really want to hear about. Talk about the benefits your business provides and “what’s in it for them.”

To find out what they want, check your most popular content, or post a simple survey to get answers. The more specific you can target your content to the wants and needs of your audience, the more you’ll capture their attention and increase word-of-mouth, site traffic and sales.

3. Create a New, Content Strategy.

If you just can’t seem to bring in new sales this summer, stop what you are doing and create a new strategy! Take this “slow” time to review all of the content in your marketing materials, on your Website and in your various campaigns.

Look at what provided the best results, and create similar content. Update your editorial calendar, public relations and marketing plans now for the months ahead. Know what kind of content you are going to send and why, when you are going to send it and how you are going to track results.

This way, you’ll have a plan in place and be ready to go when things pick up!

It’s Time for Sales to Sizzle with Good Content!

Summer does not need to be a slow time for your business. Just take a moment to look at your content and give customers what they want.

Offer summer tips and valuable information they will want to share with their friends. Update your site with current information. Create new, sales materials and refresh your marketing and PR plans for the months ahead.

Instead of having a lazy summer, take this time to reach out to your target market with fresh, sizzling content. Then, sit back with a cool drink, and watch the sales pour in!

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