Take Action to Beat Tough Times

Summer is almost here, but many of you may be worrying about your financial situation and revenue. Plus, the kids will be home for summer vacation soon so you have a lot on your plate. Well, instead of worrying about your business, take action. Here are three questions to ask now to get started:

 1.           What can I do to start bringing in new revenue?

If new sales have stopped coming in, it’s time to be creative. Think about new activities you can try to bring in new customers.  

  • Do you need to update your website and marketing materials?
  • Do you need to go back to grassroots marketing and start knocking on doors?
  • Maybe it’s time to give a presentation and network in the local community? Or perhaps you need to spend some money on copywriting and list rentals to market to potential customers in new niches?

 Instead of sticking with the status quo, think differently and develop new ways to reach customers.

 2.           Who do I know who can send me referrals?

Take a look at your list of contacts and reach out to business associates, past employers, organizations, school mates, and other people who can help you.

  • Perhaps you can offer products and services in exchange for free marketing?
  • Maybe you can create an affiliate agreement and sell each other’s products and services?

Ask for referrals. While it may be difficult, make the effort. After all, one referral has the potential of significantly increasing your bottom line so you can focus on additional marketing efforts rather than worrying about paying the bills.

3.           What can I change to make things better now and in the future?

If you don’t have a process in place to bring in new customers, it’s definitely time to create one. Review what you are doing now and remove all of the activities that aren’t working or are wasting time. And if you’re not sure what to do, read books about obtaining leads, attend free webinars, talk to business associates, and conduct some online research.

There are plenty of proven ways to increase sales. It’s up to you to find the ones that will work for your business, implement the activities and monitor the results.

Yes, it takes work to bring in new sales and start new marketing projects ““ no one ever said running a business would be easy. Things are competitive in today’s economy. But if you take action, you’ll see positive results and less stress!

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