Take Time Off to Relax

Melanie enjoying some time offMemorial Day is finally here, and it’s time to relax. As a small business owner like me, you probably work many hours and are always thinking of innovative ways to serve your customers and increase sales.

Do yourself a favor, and try not to think about work this weekend.

We all need a  moment away  from our hectic lives. Plus, many studies have shown that you will think more clearly and  contribute more to your business by taking a break on a regular basis.

I know. For many of you, your business is your life. You enjoy it and spend most of your time thinking about it.  

If this sounds like you, here are a few simple steps to  walk away from your business this long weekend:

  • Turn off your computer and don’t get near it or your office!
  • Plan some fun activities  with family and friends.
  • Try a new hobby that you just haven’t had time to start.
  • Enjoy nature. And if the weather doesn’t cooperate, visit a museum or cultural event. You’ll get a breath of fresh air in more ways than one.  
  • Visit a bookstore and find something interesting to read that is outside of the business, finance or management section.
  • Just veg in front of the television. When was the last time you did absolutely nothing?

Personally, I will be in the ocean scuba diving. No phones, e-mail or negativity. Just my dive buddy and the sounds of shrimp talking!

Hopefully, you will enjoy your weekend and not think about work until Tuesday morning. Then, you will be refreshed and ready to go with a new zeal for life and a passion for making your dreams a reality!


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