The Top 3 Things You Really Need to Know about Search Engine Optimization

Stick to the important stuff and get results!

Tips to save money on search engine optimization that works.

You hear all of the buzz about search engine optimization (SEO), and know you need to use it for your business.

However, with all of the different SEO companies out there clamoring for your business, constant changes from Google and your daily work-responsibilities, the whole process can be overwhelming.

Sigh. Your SEO ambitions continue to move lower down your priority list.

Well, this doesn’t need to be the case. SEO can be simple and give you some great results if you just follow these suggestions…

The Top 3 Things You Really Need to Know About SEO

1. Provide value.

The first thing you want to think about with your search activities is value.

What are you trying to accomplish?

What do your customers care about right now?

How can you provide solutions for your target market?

When you start your SEO efforts, look at your Google analytics, customer-service feedback, social-media venues, industry forums, competitor sites, and more. This way, you can see what your target market is talking about and discover their problems, issues and questions.

Then, all you need to do is take this data and provide content that answers their questions!

Basically, you just want to give your current and potential customers the data they need to make their lives easier.

2. Write Interesting Content.

Once you know what you want to write, tell a story. Avoid sales jargon and write website pages, blogs, articles, and more with your target market in mind.

Provide helpful insights, customer and team interviews, tip sheets, Infographics, images, and more. Keep your content unique and easy-to-read.

And if you are not an SEO copywriter, hire a trained and experienced professional to help you (note that you want a good writer, not a technical expert). This will not only give you the best results possible, but it will also provide more time for you to focus on your core, business responsibilities.

3. Add Titles and Track Results.

When you finish writing, there are a few things you can do to help the search engines find your content.

In your title and subtitle, use words that explain what your content is about. And throughout your copy, break up your paragraphs with sub-headings pertinent to each section. Also, add unique graphics that supplement your story.

If you use WordPress, you can easily add a plug-in like Yoast SEO to ensure that each of your content pages and graphics have unique titles, descriptions, keywords, and more.

Once your copy goes live, check the results. Review Google Analytics and other site-analytics to see how many clicks each piece of content received. Look at your social-media venues too.

How many people shared your content?

Did you receive specific feedback on a particular article, blog or Web page?

Is your content showing up in the search engines?

By looking at the results, you can see what content is popular and what isn’t. This is valuable information you can use to write new content that gives customers exactly what they want… when they want it. (And the search engines will appreciate your efforts too!)

SEO Can Be Simple.

You can effectively use SEO without wasting time and money. The key is to focus on what your customers want. Provide valuable information, add the appropriate titles with keywords, review the results, and repeat.

And if you just don’t have time for search optimization, hire a professional copywriter to help you. This way, you can take advantage of everything SEO has to offer and see your online awareness and sales skyrocket!

For more information on writing SEO content that gets results, please see these articles, and feel free to contact me here.