Are You A Trained, SEO Copywriter?

If not, please stop writing your company’s content!

By Melanie Rembrandt

If you are writing your own copy for all of your marketing needs, but you are not a trained, SEO (search engine optimization) copywriter, stop! You may think you are saving time and money, but you are actually losing out on dramatically increased sales and online awareness.

Most people think they can write their own content for their marketing and Website needs. I mean how hard can it be? You wrote all of your papers in school and you know your company better than anyone else. Plus, it can be fun to write advertising and see your work in print.

But let’s get real folks.

You wouldn’t do your own dental work, medical treatments, electrical work, etc. just because you thought you could save a few bucks in the process. The same goes for writing SEO copy. Leave it up to the professionals. The job will be done correctly, and you’ll experience much better results.

Why Spend the Money on an SEO Copywriter?

  • SEO is about much more than adding keywords to your copy.

The search engines are looking for value and so are your customers. When you just write copy with keywords, you are not providing value to anyone. The same goes for purchasing one of those SEO services that will automatically optimize your copy. It doesn’t work as well as someone who is specifically writing for your customers.

  • SEO copywriting is about writing copy that sells.

Yes, your copy needs to provide value, but at the same time it needs to make your products and services shine, increase credibility and make people want to tell their friends about it. To do this, there is a certain way to write marketing copy, and only trained and experienced SEO copywriters know how to do this.

  • SEO copywriting involves research, testing and regular updates.

A good, SEO copywriter/strategist will research and create an extensive list of top keywords for you. Then, that person will craft appropriate copy specifically for what you’re trying to accomplish, and test and monitor it. He or she will then make appropriate changes so that your copy gets the best results possible.

Do You Really Have Time For All This?

Yes, good SEO copywriters/strategists can be expensive. But, if they are good, they will provide results that will exceed the expense. Plus, you can focus on your core responsibilities rather than developing marketing copy.

Isn’t it time you stepped away from the keyboard and had a professional take over?

After all, your competitors are probably using experienced SEO copywriters right now and showing up at the top of the search engines. The longer you keep doing your own SEO copywriting, the more new sales you’re losing!


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