Uh Oh. Is your SEO Website Old?

Ok. Be honest.

When is the last time you updated your Website?

 I know that you have many, other priorities. But, if your Website is old, you are losing customers! After all, who wants to look at the same old data all the time?

And I’m not talking about drastic, expensive changes. I’m talking about quick updates that can make a huge difference in your search engine optimization (SEO) site traffic and sales. With this in mind here are:

3 Ways to Provide New Value to Your SEO Website Visitors.

1. Write a Blog.

A blog is a great way to share tips and insights about you and your industry. It’s also an excellent way to include your SEO keywords in your copy so that the search engines can find your site.

Simply set aside some time each morning, once or twice a week, and write a quick blog. You can keep it short (about 250 words or so), and write about current events, industry news or something that happened to you relevant to your customers.

Don’t think too much about it. Just write, and see what happens. People like to hear real stories, not contrived, PR articles about your products and services.

And if you’re not a writer, hire an intern to help you write your blogs for you. It will give them some great pieces for their new portfolio, and you won’t have to worry about your grammar!

2. Add a Survey.

Do you know what your customers want? Add a simple survey to your site each week, and find out!

By asking interesting questions that your customers will care about (and even including a comment section), you will get higher response-rates. Not only will site visitors be more likely to interact with the survey, but they’ll also come back to your site to see the responses.

There are many, free tools out there that make it easy to add a survey to your site. Just do an online search for “free, survey tools or plug-ins,” and see which one fits your needs.

3. Update SEO Copy.

When was the last time you updated the copy on your site?

Do you have information posted about all of your products and services? If not, write a landing page for each stressing the benefits for your customers.

Also, have a few outsiders read your online copy. Do they think it is boring?

If so, add some spice to your wording. Talk to your customers instead of telling them how great your company is.

Write short sentences that are easy to read, and don’t be afraid to add some personality to your writing. After all, aren’t we all sick of hearing about this award being won, that event happening and how great the features are on particular products?

Use your Website copy to stand out from the crowd. And if you’re not a good writer, find an SEO writer who can help you. You’ll make up the cost in the new sales you make from the great copy!

Avoid Boring Your Site Visitors!

Your site is often the first impression you make with new customers so don’t you think it’s important to update it regularly and make it interesting?

Yes, we are all busy, but you can add new content to your site within minutes. Simply set aside some time each week to add new, SEO copy to your site. It can be a blog, a survey, a landing page, or other content. Just be sure it provides value to your customers.

Who knows? You may have such an increase in site traffic from your efforts that you make updating your site a priority!

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