3 Tricks to Provide Valuable Content Fast

(That will be a treat for customers!)

You know you need to provide valuable content to your customers on a regular basis, but as a small business owner, you’re busy.

You give a big sigh just thinking about all of the time it will take to write a new blog, article or Website page. And I know that many of you simply can’t afford to hire a good, SEO content strategist or copywriter to help you. Well, don’t despair, here are…

3 Tricks to Provide Valuable Content Fast!

1. Think Benefits.

What are the main benefits your customers receive from your products and services right now? What problem are you solving?

Simply write about the problem your customers are having and provide a solution. You can be subtle about mentioning your products and services in the content, or just provide a link to more information. This will help you avoid sales jargon in the article and actually offer value.

2. Discuss News.

Look at your local, national and industry news. What are the top stories that your customers are talking about? Quote one of the stories and give your opinion about it. In addition to internal links on your Website, you can link to outside resources for more information.

Ask your customers what they think, and ask them to comment on your article via your social-media links. This way, you are discussing current trends people care about while giving them the opportunity to interact with you and your brand.

3. Check The Competition.

Still stumped for content resources? Look at your competitors’ Websites. What are they writing about and what subjects are helping them build positive buzz?

Take this information and make it your own. If you disagree with it, write about that. If there is a particular angle that is important to your target market, write your own version of it. And note that I say “your own” version. I’m not talking about copying your competitors’ content. I’m just suggesting you get content ideas from them.

Ready to Write?

If you dread writing content and simply can’t afford a copywriter right now, there are easy ways to create valuable information for your customers quickly. You can write about solving problems and newsworthy events relevant to your products and services. And you can get ideas from your competition.

Keep your writing brief, offer benefits and provide a call-to-action at the end. This way, you can use these tricks to treat your target market to valuable content they will want to read and share with others!

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