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Small Business Content Tips - Voice search and SEO

Artificial Intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), Blockchain, and more are here to help B2B owners grow their businesses. But, if you are not technologically-savvy, these new advances may make you nervous.

Well, instead of running away, it’s important to learn how these new technologies work and ways to use them to grow your business.

To help you move forward, here are a few…

Simple Tips to Optimize Your Content for Google Voice

If you know a lot of people who use voice search to find things on the internet, there is a good reason. It’s easy to state a command and have a personal digital assistant provide answers. In fact, a recent report from Comscore indicates that, “voice technology has grown to become a staple feature not only on smartphones but across an array of internet-enabled devices in the home.”

With this in mind, wouldn’t it be fantastic if your business information came up in these voice search results?

Well, here are a few things can you do to move towards that goal and make your content friendlier for this technology…

1. Write a Conversation.

Think about how you ask questions and speak to a friend or co-worker. That’s the way to write your content for today’s searches. After all, people will ask Alexa, Siri and other devices a brief question like:

Where is the nearest pet store?

What time does the florist open?

How do you use a coffee press?

You get the picture. Long gone are the days of writing boring content that focuses on a company’s products and services. Instead, it’s about having a conversation with your targeted audience members and providing solutions.

2. Use the Right Keywords.

As you write your conversational content, it’s also important to focus on the keywords people will use in their searches. Obviously, you want to avoid “stuffing” your content with keywords. Instead, provide valuable information in a succinct manner.

For example, if you are a coffee company, you might use keyword phrases like: “How to use a coffee press,” “Coffee shop hours,” “The best coffee for cake,” “Tips to Grind Coffee,” etc.

To make it simple, think about the questions your customers will tentatively ask, and write content using keywords that answer those questions.

3. Develop Featured Snippets.

The content that appears first when you do a search appears in “Google’s Answer Box.” This is also called a “Featured Snippet” and may contain a bulleted list, graphic, paragraph, chart, or something else. This is usually the information a voice search will provide first when giving results to a voice command.

To try to get in this box (also called the “zero spot”), you’ll need to write your content in a certain way. The simplest way to do this is to look at the results for various searches relative to your B2B.

Try different voice searches and physically enter keywords via online search engines, too. (Also, look at your competition’s content.) Click on the links for the top results and see how that business wrote their information. Then, copy this format and style when you write your own, unique content.

4. Check Results.

Once you do all of this work, check your results. Run your own voice and online searches for your keywords.

Does your content appear in results?

Check your Google Analytics.

Are you getting more traffic to your site for a particular piece of content?

If so, you know you are doing something right, and you need to write more content in that manner. If not, keep writing and testing new content to see what works best.

Now is the Time to Test and Practice.

If you are nervous about trying all of the new technology out there for your B2B, now is the perfect time to test it, make mistakes and see what works best for your specific goals.

Update the way you write your content with the tips above, and check the results. You have nothing to lose, and top rankings to gain. After all, your customers are using voice search, and this activity is only going to increase in the years ahead. Get ahead of your competition now, and reap the benefits!

For help creating SEO content for voice search, and too boost sales, feel free to contact me here.

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