What’s Really Important to You?

Thanksgiving insights for you and your business

Say thank you!

 “What are you serving for Thanksgiving?”

“I’m making the potatoes and I need to get to the store.”

“Well, we’ll be vacationing near the outlet stores so I can get some good shopping in on Black Friday.”

That was the buzz outside of the door. But all I could focus on was the heart-rate monitor and the sleeping patient in front of me.

You see, I spent last week at the hospital caring for a family member. And things changed.

The week before I was really looking forward to the Thanksgiving holiday to relax and have some fun. But as I sat there in the darkness after several nights of very little sleep, feeling too anxious to eat and looking at the bed with all of the monitors hooked up to it, all I could think about was having that important person having good health again.

And when I took a break to walk down to the coffee machine at 5 a.m., I saw sad, tired and anxious people just like me… caring for family and friends. Some looked really upset, and all I could do was wish them well.

After several days, my prayers were answered, and I was able to take my loved one home to recover. Others at the hospital were not so lucky. And this whole experience made me realize that some things in life just aren’t that important.

Focus on What Matters.

While having your favorite side dish may be very important to you this Thursday, will the holiday be ruined if it’s not on the table?

If you don’t have your hair and nails done for that big, dinner party, will your guests stop loving you?

This is something to think about on Thanksgiving and throughout the year… in your personal life and in business.

With all of the marketing, distractions and perceptions out there, it can be easy to forget what this holiday (and the entire holiday season ahead) means.

It’s about being thankful for everything in your life… especially the important things.


Be thankful for the turkey and your favorite side dish and dessert!

Be thankful for that new outfit and your polished nails!

Be thankful for having a day off and watching football!

But don’t forget to be thankful for your health, the people around you and what makes your life worth living.

By simply realizing what you’re thankful for, you can change your entire mood… and life.

And this goes for your business too. If things start to get too crazy this holiday season, stop and think about what’s really important in your life.

What are you most thankful for right now?

This simple question will give you a boost of energy and positivity.

Plus, if you carry this way of thinking over to your work, it will make a difference. For example, start your workday morning by focusing on the top priorities and what is most important right now. Then, it will be easier to stay organized and get things done accordingly.

Yes, giving thanks goes way past Thanksgiving. It’s a state of mind that can help you feel more positive, appreciate what’s most important, focus, and really enjoy life.

With this, I’d like to thank you for reading this and wish you a wonderful, Thanksgiving holiday!