Why Blog?

Do you need to blog? Help others and say thanks to have BtoB success!

Do You Really Need to Have a Blog?

You hear all about people posting blogs. Maybe you’ve tried blogging without success? Well, a blog (short for web log) may be the secret tool you need to boost awareness and sales fast… without spending a dime!

Why blog?

A blog is simply a way to provide unique content to your target market. They are shorter than articles (usually between 300 and 600 words), and there is a reason they are so popular…

Blogs can help you:

1. Provide unique content the competition can’t touch!

When you post a blog, it’s original content that you own. You can write whatever you like and be in control of what appears online. Your personal insights relative to your background, likes/dislikes, expertise, hobbies, and more is valuable information your customers can’t find anywhere else… and your competition can’t copy!

2. Boost search rankings.

If you add specific keywords, links, tags, and more to optimize your blog for the search engines, you can significantly increase online awareness for your business fast (especially if your competition is not blogging!).

Now, this may sound like something outside of your skill set, but if you are going to take the time to blog, it’s wise to ensure all of your blogs are optimized for the search engines. Don’t worry! It doesn’t need to be difficult. Simply use one of the many search engine optimization (SEO) services available or provide SEO training to an employee.

For the best results, find an experienced SEO content strategist to help you. They know exactly how to write interesting, unique and entertaining content with the appropriate SEO coding and timing. Plus, they can provide regular ranking reports pertinent to your site and your competitors’ keywords.

3. Create content that builds customer relationships.

With blogs, your audience has a better understanding of you and your business, and they can provide comments and share the information with others. This will help build your audience and give you a better understanding of what your customers want. Specifically, your site analytics will show you which blogs get the most attention and clicks. Then, you can create more content relative to the most popular topics.

Also remember that your blogs don’t need to stop with one post. Turn them into articles, emails, social media entries, marketing handouts, and more. You can even combine them to create an eBook. The possibilities are endless! Get the most out of your original blog content as possible.

It’s Time to Blog!

Writing a couple of blogs per month can significantly increase the value you provide to customers, boost online search rankings and give you a competitive edge. Done correctly, your next blog may be just what your business needs to reach the next level of success!

Do you want help with your blogs and copywriting? Check out all of these forms of assistance!

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