You have great, BtoB content. Now what?

It’s time to turn all of that copy into sales via content strategy!

What’s your BtoB Content Strategy, Anyway?

News flash. It’s 2015 and time to use your BtoB content to get the best results possible.

Sure, you have great blogs, expert insights, social-media posts, articles, newsletters, and more.

You have pages and pages of online copy.

Your website offers value to customers and the search engines. Good for you.

But you may forgetting the key to having great content in the first place…

How does your BtoB content relate to SALES?

Learn to save money with B2B and B2C Content MarketingWith today’s technology, you can discover more about your customers and write copy specific to their needs as I mentioned in previous blogs.

But how do you get your content to actually increase sales at your business?

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you prepare your BtoB content marketing strategy:


1. Do you have appropriate landing pages set up?

When people are finished reading your content, do you give them a single link to follow for more information? This is part of guiding them through the sales process.

For each product or service you are trying to sell, you need a single, page where they “land,” also known as a landing page, for that particular item.

And you want to keep it simple. Do not add numerous items to your landing page. This can cause confusion. Use one page per item. This is good for your customers, tracking results, search engines, and more.

2. What do your landing pages say?

Once customers get to your landing page, what do they see? Is it just an “Order Here” page listing the item, price and description? If so, you’re missing out on sales!

Sure, loyal customer know your brand and can buy right away. But what about all of the new customers who are unfamiliar with your products and services?

You’ve got to provide valuable information, answer their questions and entice them to make the purchase without proclaiming “Buy, Buy!”

Talk about all of the unique benefits that particular item offers and focus on your customers’ desires. And when you are finished, provide a guarantee. Make it super easy for new customers to feel good about their purchase and hit the “Order Now” button!

3. Are your landing pages working?

Writing the perfect landing page is an ongoing process. While you may have spent a lot of time, money and effort creating landing pages for your business, I’m sorry. But, you are not finished.

It’s essential to check the results of your landing pages regularly. What’s working and what’s not? If something isn’t working, change the copy and test the new version. If you want the best sales results, your landing pages are an ongoing process.

This is just a portion of your BtoB Content Strategy.

Writing effective, landing pages is an art that takes time and expertise. Obviously, this blog just touches on a few tips to help you get started. The point is, it’s time to make your content work for you.

When you finish a blog, newsletter, e-mail, article, or other piece of copy, guide customers through the buying process. At the end of each piece, provide a single link to a landing page where they can get valuable information, questions answered and a sense of well-being about the product or service you are selling.

Then, you’ll not only have an important part of your BtoB content strategy in place, but you’ll start to see sales skyrocket!

What are you going to do today to increase sales from your BtoB content?

For more information, please see these free entries, or contact me here to help you write killer landing pages and BtoB content that boost sales fast!

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