3 Quick Copy Tips to Boost Website Sales


When was the last time you reviewed your website? If it has been a few weeks, take a few minutes to read it over.


What are first-time visitors seeing when they click on your site?


If you want to boost sales, here are three, quick online copywriting tips to keep in mind:


1. Do you provide benefits right away?

Does your home page talk all about what you do, how long you’ve been in business and your credentials? That’s great, but your customers want to know what you can do for them ““ in seconds.

You may want to move your “company” information to the “about” or “bio” section of your website.


Then, you can use the home page to let visitors know they are in the right place and that your products and services can help solve their particular problems.


2. Are your verbs active?

Is your online copy written in the present tense or are you talking about things that happened in the past?


You can instantly add energy to your site by replacing all of your passive verbs (we worked with this client, we helped XYZ when they needed to raise funds, etc.) with verbs that describe a current action (get help now, take advantage of our 25% discount today, raise funds fast, etc.).


3. Do visitors know what to do?

When potential customers take the time to read your website copy, do they know what to do in order to contact you?


Each page should have a specific and easy call-to-action. Whether it’s registering for your newsletter, calling your sales department or actually purchasing a product online, be sure that website visitors know what they need to do to take action.


These are just three quick copy changes you can make to easily boost sales and conversion rates.


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