Bye Bye Winter Blues

Get PR and SEO copywriting help at!

Get PR and SEO copywriting help at!

If you are stuck inside waiting for the sun to shine, please do not let it get to you.

Instead, this is a great time to plan your PR activities for the warmer months ahead and get some of your more detailed projects out of the way.

Here are three things to focus on now:


·           Plan for holiday opportunities.

Do you have any publicity plans for graduation and wedding season? How about Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter, and even July 4th? If you haven’t already done so, think of ways your products and services fit into these occasions.
Then, develop some good story ideas for targeted media members.  After all, these dates will be here before you know it, and savvy publicists are ready and waiting for  all the  opportunities.  

·           Review your action plan.

How are things going with your current PR activities? Take a look at what is working and what isn’t. If you are having trouble getting media placements, it’s time to develop new story angles pertinent to current news, industry events, case studies, and other interesting topics. Really think about your messaging and why targeted reporters will be interested in what you have to say.
·           Make some calls.
Once you conduct your research and create some new pitches for the press, pick up the phone. If you are stuck in the office due to bad weather, maybe you’ll have a better chance of getting through to others who are in the same situation. Who knows! You may get through to that hard-to-reach producer and start a valuable working-relationship for years to come.
Take advantage of these colder months. Plan now so you are ready when the warmer weather finally arrives. And if all else fails, post photos of fun, summer vacations  around your desk.  That way, you just may feel a little closer to the beach while you try to get some work done!

If you have PR and SEO copywriting questions, or if you’d like some free tips, please  feel free to comment below or visit me at I’d love to hear from you!

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