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Why Aren’t People Reading Your Blog?

Many new clients tell me that they have a blog, but no one is reading it. Other clients ask me if they need a blog. Well, if you have a blog, or are wondering if you need one, you may have these questions: What’s the point? Before you start writing, figure out why you want […]

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Does Your Web Site Sing This Song?

There are a lot of performing arts shows out there today (“Fame,” “Glee,” “So You Think You Can Dance,” “Dancing with the Stars,” etc.), and I love watching the good dancers and singers. But it made me think about public relations and SEO copywriting. For example, you know how some of the performers warm up […]

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Why Do You Need An SEO Copywriter?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is much for than adding a few keywords to your site. SEO is a strategic process of researching competitive data, finding the right words to work with your organization’s messaging and providing valuable information. Of course, you can research some SEO keywords through one of the many free tools like, […]

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How to Find a Good Publicity Photographer

Recently, I searched for a photographer to take new publicity photos. The whole process turned into a priority since my online photos were getting older and older. Based on my experience, I want to share a few tips with you.  Conduct the appropriate research. Instead of just opening the local phone book and picking a […]

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