Say Goodbye to Old Communications

Communication is key for the best results!

Do you share communications across all of your departments, or does everyone does their own thing?

Where are you reading this right now? 

Today, people work from their homes, in actual brick-and-mortar offices, on the road and more… all over the world. Yes, In the last two years, work styles have changed dramatically, but your team members still need to communicate the same messaging at the same time for the best results. Otherwise, you confuse customers. And we all know what that leads to… negative reviews, lost revenue, bad press, and more!

In contrast, when everyone works together, you create magic. Why?

1. Uniform messaging is key.

This is because your social interactions, press releases, web content, newsletters, etc. no longer appear as separate entities. If your social media team posts one idea, your marketing team sends out a different message and your public relations’ team promotes something else, you create a confusing mess and lose credibility.

Instead, make it as simple as possible for your target market to know what your message is and what action you want them to take.

Got your holiday PR and marketing communications ready?2. There are no surprises.

If you have a bunch of different messages going out from various departments, how are you going to know what is working?

Sure, you can track all of the different activities, but what a headache!

It’s much better if all of your team members work together on an overall plan and concentrate efforts on a single campaign with a single message at a time. Then, you can use specific wording, search engine optimization tactics, landing pages, emails, and more to track responses for that messaging.

With this real-time data, you can monitor what is going on and stop the communications that are not working immediately. This helps you save time, money and other resources. More important, you’ll discover what your customers want most!

3. Individuals become part of the whole process.

While your marketing and PR teams need to lead your promotional efforts and develop the specific messaging you use for each campaign, all of your employees should know what’s going on.

Start with brief training sessions on copywriting, search engine optimization, social media, financial operations, sales, and more. Also, hold regular meetings so your team members can brainstorm ideas, provide feedback, review previous campaign results, know when certain messaging is going out, and what they need to do for each campaign.

This way, you remove confusion, and each individual will feel like part of the overall, communications process and end-results.

Work Together for Ultimate Communications Success!

If your team members are working separately and don’t really know what’s going on with your overall, business communications, it’s time for a change!

Create simple marketing campaigns everyone will understand, track and review the results to make positive changes in real-time, and provide training and brainstorming sessions so that your team members feel like they are part of the entire process. Then, you can create a more cohesive work culture and successful marketing messages that help your business grow!

Want to have more cohesive messaging that provides the best results? Let’s talk!

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