Do You Need a PR Plan?

Many new enterpreneurs often ask me why they need a PR Plan. It is essential for achieving and monitoring success. After all, how are you going to reach your publicity goals if you don’t know what they are?

In fact, famous educator Benjamin E. Mays stated that “the tragedy of life doesn’t lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach.”

With this in mind, do you know what your PR goals are?

To get started, review your business plan and the activities necessary to grow sales. What key activities will make you truly successful?

Maybe you want to be rich, improve the environment, help those less fortunate, or just have more free time to yourself. Once you know what you want to accomplish, you’ll have a better understanding of how your publicity efforts fit into your overall business goals.

To help you focus, here are some questions to consider when preparing your publicity plan-of-action:

– When people hear the name of your company, what do they think about now?

– What can you do to help your audiences think about your company in a positive way?

– Why is your business unique?

– What benefits do you offer customers?

– What do you want media members to say about your business?

– What do you specifically hope to accomplish through your public relations efforts?

Now, review your responses. What do you need to do activate your publicity efforts right now? Get your PR Plan ready so you can take action, monitor results and make changes as necessary.

This will not only help you focus, but you’ll see more cost-effective results. After all, as inspirational speaker Tony Robbins says, “setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.”

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