Free, Do-It-Yourself Publicity Help

It’s early in the morning, and so far, it’s been a crazy week.  I’ve received many calls from new entrepreneurs looking for PR help so I decided to make a list of some free resources.

I don’t usually send you to my other blog from here, but times are tough, and I think you’ll benefit from this information.

For a list of free services and discounts to help you conduct your own publicity efforts and boost sales, check out this entry at

As I always say, you can garner some great publicity by doing it yourself. (Reporters would rather talk directly to a business owner than a publicist,   you can share your passion for your business and tell a unique story, etc.).

It takes some time, but you will save money. And hopefully, you will boost sales.

And as always, if you have questions along the way, please let me know! Thanks, and all the best!

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dan - February 5, 2009 Reply

Thanks for the really helpful link!! I’d be curious what you thought of the next step-up from free – PR firms that only charge per article-placed (like Publicity Guaranteed, etc). Thanks!

admin - February 5, 2009 Reply

Hi Dan,

Thanks for your nice comments.

If you can find a reputable company that provides pay-per-placements, go for it! But please be sure to check references and Better Business ratings first.

I’m always a little nervous about people who can promise placements when the final decision is out of their hands (editors, producers, reporters, etc. are in charge of what is published and what isn’t). Also, you can place articles on your own if you have the time. Many editors are looking for valuable, free content from experts.


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