Ride the Media Roller Coaster Lately?

If you’ve been working the media lately, you’ve probably noticed that the world of public relations is changing. Many reporters who’ve been with the same publications for years are losing their jobs, retiring or moving on to other careers due to the recession.

It’s a big task to keep track of who is covering what and where. But you work through the obstacles and steadily rise up the steep hill to reach your PR goals.

Then, when you finally reach the top and get through to the right media members, you may find out that they already have their list of stories based on advertisers, sponsors, editorial decisions set previously, and other matters out of your control. Boom! You go speeding down the hill to start all over again.

It can be frustrating, but hang in there.

I was pitching my clients for weeks, and all of the interviews seemed to be falling through for one reason or another. But I stayed on the PR roller coaster. I worked long hours, looked outside the box for my story angles and used social media like Twitter ®, blogs and Facebook ®.

And it took a little time, but my phone started ringing. Great interviews took place, and my clients received some valuable media coverage.

It just goes to show you that if you work smart, think creatively and keep going, PR will work in your favor, and you’ll obtain valuable, third-party credibility to increase sales and awareness : so hold onto your hat, grab the handrail and take the exciting, publicity roller coaster for a ride!

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