Is It Really Amazing?

I don’t know about you, but I really think the word “amazing” has lost its power and true meaning. You hear it all the time now:

“Bob’s garage repair service saved me $500.00 over the competition. That’s amazing.”

“Billy ate his cereal all by himself this morning. That’s amazing.”

“I just ate an entire large pizza by myself. That’s amazing.”

Is it really?

Please. We once used  the word to describe something really incredible…  

If a man fighting cancer  wins an Olympic gold medal, that’s amazing.

Or how about a  local hero who  throws herself in front of a bus to save a child? That’s amazing.

How often do you use it in a sentence or as a common response in conversation?

You get where I’m going here. So with this in mind, please refrain from using the word in your copywriting.

Try to use active verbs and adjectives that “pop” and focus on the benefits you have to offer.   This way, you’ll stand out and get people  to take notice of your message.

And if sales spike in just a few days from changing a few words, that will truly  be  amazing!

What words are you sick of hearing? Please feel free to share your thoughts below or send me a note via I’d love to hear from you!

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Lee Gamble - September 18, 2008 Reply

“Awesome” blagh!
“Dude” yuck!
“New and Improved” SO blagh!
“Green” is it REALLY???

Andres - November 7, 2008 Reply

GREAT is another one. How are you today? It doesn’t matter, there is only one answer: GREAT.

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