Are you Excited in your Press Release?

As you begin to write a press release, it can be easy to fall into the standard, template form. But before you send it out, ask yourself these questions:

 Is this newsworthy?

If you are announcing a major news event, statistic, research result, or other important activity, that’s fantastic. But many times, you will write a press release simply to announce a new staff member, upcoming event, partnership, etc. These announcements are not newsworthy to everyone so it’s usually best to send them to a limited list of pertinent investors, partners and media members.

Another idea is to simply post the release on your site. After all, you want reporters to take notice when you have a big story to report. And if you just send out press releases to everyone on your media list all the time, they may stop listening to you all together.

 Is this boring?

Are other people really going to care about what you are saying? Check to see if you are focusing on facts alone without providing any benefits. You can significantly increase the odds of your release being read if you offer unique and interesting information that is pertinent and valuable to your audience.

 Do your quotes offer value?

If the quotes in your press release include, “we are excited,” “we are thrilled” or “we are honored,” please change them. Of course you are thrilled, excited or honored with the news. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be issuing a press release!

It’s best if your quotes provide new information, a specific opinion or other, newsworthy information.

These are just three simple reminders to help you get more publicity for your business without wasting time, effort or money. If you have questions or need some free tips regarding your PR and copywriting efforts, please let me know here or at I’m here to help! Thanks.

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