Scared of Reporters? 3 Tips to Overcome Your Fears


It’s already October, and Halloween is upon us. With this in mind, are you afraid to talk to reporters?


If media interviews make you nervous, there are several things you can do to reduce your stress and handle these calls with confidence. Here’s a quick review:


1. Be prepared.

Learn from this famous Boy Scout motto and be ready for media calls before they happen. Review your messaging and write down key points you want to convey.


Think about what you will say and how you will say it. You may even want to keep some cards with talking points by the phone for easy access.


And for those times when you need to respond to unexpected media requests regarding current issues and news, take a moment to collect your thoughts. Tell the reporters you will call them back in ten minutes.


Then, figure out what you want to say, write it down, take a deep breath, and pick up the phone. This brief interval will help you relax and have confidence so that the last-minute interview goes well.


2. Practice.

It never hurts to sharpen your speaking and interview skills. Have a friend or co-worker interview you on a regular basis. Get feedback on your tone, responses and body movements.


You may even want to videotape or record these practice interviews. This way, you’ll be able to correct mistakes and improve skills faster.


Plus, wouldn’t you like to see what you are doing wrong now as opposed to watching your mistakes on a national news broadcast?


3. Review.


After you’ve finished an interview, review it carefully. Look and listen for things you can improve on the next time. Perhaps you said “um” a lot, moved your head too much or came across as a weak leader for your organization.


The more you review previous interviews and make appropriate adjustments, the faster your skills will improve.

You Can Do It!

Not everyone has natural interview and speaking skills. But if you take the time to prepare, practice and review, you’ll have more confidence, and your fears will disappear.


Plus, you’ll give better interviews that can help your company grow and prosper.


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