SEO Copywriter Stuck on a Plane

Well, it happened to me.

After getting up at 2:30 a.m. to catch an early flight to Montana on Monday, I ended up sitting on the airplane for two hours due to engine trouble.

I called and made other flight arrangements while sitting in my seat, but my entire schedule was now at the mercy of Delta Airlines.

Did I get upset? Would you?

Well, of course I was not happy with the results. But I did all that I could do, and the situation was now out of my control. Then, I rejoiced.


I was given the gift of  time.

I am not a very patient person, but I’ve learned to accept these unexpected waiting periods as beneficial gifts. Instead of feeling stuck, I think of it as an opportunity to:

– Reflect and take a moment to relax;

– Think of all the things in life I’m thankful for;

– Get some extra work done; and/or

– Read or do something I just haven’t had time to do.

And wouldn’t you know it? As soon as I finished reading an article about some cool, SEO copywriting tips, the pilot announced that the plane was ready to go.

I got to all of my meetings on time (with a 10-minute sprint across the Salt Lake City airport-nice cardio in the middle of my trip!), and all was good.

If It Happens To You

So please remember this story the next time you have to wait and things are out of your control.

Consider the extra time as a wake-up call to relax and think about the things that really matter in life. You’ll reduce your stress and be able to take advantage of the opportunity.

Who knows? You may look forward to these unexpected moments in the future!

Have a great day, and if you have small business public relations or SEO copywriting questions, just let me know below or at I’m here to help!

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Seo Copywriter - March 24, 2009 Reply

Hi there Expert, I fell lucky that I located this post while browsing for seo copywriter. I am with you on the topic of ywriter Stuck on a Plane | Rembrandt’s Blog. Ironically, I was just putting a lot of thought into this last Tuesday.

Plane - April 3, 2009 Reply

I did not expect this on a Saturday. nice article,. Just added you to my feed reader.

Web Copy Writing - September 22, 2009 Reply

I was searching for a blog post on web copy writing when I come across yours.fabulous. Wow this was exactly what I was looking for.Thanks for sharing this.

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