Small Business Public Relations-What to pitch right now


If you are a small business owner ready to pitch your story to the press, hold on.

Right now, media members  are concentrating on two major issues:

1. The economy

2. The election

If your pitch doesn’t have anything to do with these two items, it’s time to develop a new story idea.

Think about how your products and services fit into economic news and/or the election.

Can you provide some kind of specific benefit, discount or tip to help people save money or deal with the current economy?

Do you have expertise in an area related to one of the issues on the upcoming ballot (local reform, saving the environment, etc.)?

Check out these news sites to help discover some new  story ideas:

If you don’t have a story related to these hot news items, you may want to hold off on pitching media members your personal, business story. Instead,  it may be wiser to  focus on your marketing efforts for a few days and practice your pitch for a later date.

After all, why waste time on a story media members just don’t want to hear right now? You’ll avoid frustration and feel much better if you think about the reporters’ needs first.

Got small business public relations questions? Just let me know. I’m here to help!

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Daniel Durazo - October 16, 2008 Reply

Hey Rembrandt,

I thought that your small biz readers might be interested in checking out “The Cheapskate’s Guide to PR” at

Good luck with all your endeavors!


Daniel Durazo

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