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The #1 Mistake That Kills Your E-mail Campaign

Do you let your e-mail messages go out like this? You’re a small business owner who wants to save money wherever possible. I get it. But are you holding back funds in the right areas of your content-marketing plan? For example, it’s easy to hire an inexpensive copywriter with little experience to create your e-mail […]

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Why Isn’t Your E-Mail Campaign Working?

You just spent a lot of time, effort and money creating an e-mail campaign. But when you sent it out, a ton of people unsubscribed, you received complaints and no one purchased your new product. It was a failure. But don’t despair! Use this opportunity to learn from your mistakes, and to create a more […]

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Hi Y’All-The Texas Smile

I just got back from a Web Copywriting Intensive conference in Austin. And while it was fantastic to learn new, online  skills to help my clients grow their businesses with SEO, PPC, e-mails, etc., the real insights  came from the people of Austin. Lately, I’ve been hearing so much “doom and gloom” that it was […]

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