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Are You Twittering Valuable Tweets?

If you’ve entered the world of Twitter, www.twitter.com, you know there is a lot of junk out there: people telling you what they ate for breakfast, what happened at the dentist, the cute thing their child said yesterday: you know what I’m talking about. Now, many of these Tweets really are for the birds and […]

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How to Avoid PR Disappointment

After you send out a press release, pitch a reporter or do an interview, I find it’s always best not to get too excited about a potential media placement until it actually happens. After all, breaking news, editing, lack of space, or numerous other factors out of your control can keep your story from actually […]

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Too Many Tweets are for the Birds!

Are you overwhelmed with social media? I’ve been pretty active with all of the various, social media venues out there, and they can really take up a lot of time and effort. Just this morning, I received about 30 followers on my Twitter account before my first cup of coffee! With this in mind, here […]

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