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Holiday Cards-An Opportunity to Make Contact

As the holidays approach, you are probably swamped with year-end work activities and preparing for your own personal celebrations at home. The last thing on your mind may be the thought of purchasing business holidays cards, writing messages and addresses, licking envelopes, and buying stamps. But you may be missing out on a great opportunity. […]

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What’s Your Work Ethic?

  Over the weekend, I was walking along the beach early in the morning and noticed several people standing around with brooms. They were all wearing bright orange vests and seemed like they were fulfilling a community-service obligation. As I passed the group, I heard the leader say, “Now, take your time. If they see […]

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Did you really ask that?

  Have you ever been listening to an online seminar, speaker at an event or tele-seminar, and someone asks a really lame question? For example, I was recently watching a presentation  related to online marketing tips from one of the top experts in the industry. The host opened the floor for questions, and someone got […]

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The Secret to Getting Press

  You sit down in your favorite chair ready to bite into your freshly prepared bagel and: Drat! There is a headline featuring your competition with a big photo of the CEO. The first thing you ask yourself is, “Why him and not me?”   Well, don’t get too upset. That CEO may be:   […]

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Are Reporters Reading Your E-Mails?

  It’s 8:30 a.m. and you’ve spent the morning crafting the perfect e-mail to announce your brand new clothing line for dogs.   You click “send” and wait for a response from the business editor at The New York Times. Now, it’s noon and still no response from the editor. You call and get voice […]

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Vote and Move On

  Did you vote? I’m sure you will hear this a lot today, but it is an important election. And it will be interesting to see the media frenzy announcing all of the results. Whatever happens, reporters will spend some time discussing the issues, and then it will be (somewhat) back to “business as usual.” […]

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